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 Update on the Teeru earthquake - Displacement

October 21st, 2005

1.                   In summary

 The earthquake (measuring 5.5 on the rector scale) that opened a 110 kilometer crack in eastern Teeru leading as far as Daaba in Dubte Woreda and affecting 4 kebeles has now dissipated to the occasional tremor and some slight noise generated inside the earth. World specialists are currently reviewing the possibility of re-occurrence and to date, they state there is possibility of recurrence in several places in the region. Those currently displaced cannot return to their home – sites for at least 6 months.

To date, the regional government have recorded 11,000 displaced people and have settled them in 3 camps within the woreda. See below. Displaced people report volcanic ash spreading over the affected – area ankle – deep. APDA visited the government emergency assistance distribution in Fanteena, the woreda administration center, meeting displaced people there on October 16th.

2.                   Background

 Afar Region is on a known fault line, the last earthquake having occurred in March 2003 not far from the current site in north - western Dubte Woreda. Then, the historic Kori water source was sucked underground and the earth has opened up an ever- widening crack that extends for some 35 kilometers. The region’s active volcano, Ert’ale in the Danakal Depression is some 100 kilometers north of the currently affected site. As mentioned above, the site of the initial quake (Boyna and Dabaaho) is where Afar have been harvesting the steam that comes out of the ground as condensed drinking water for some centuries.

 3.                   Human displacement and emergency assistance

Following on from APDA’s initial report on October 9th, a total of 11,000 people have left sites in the 4 affected kebeles and are living in open – air surroundings as follows:


Number displaced

Place of shelter

Status of assistance



Settled on the outskirts of Teeru administrative center in 2 separate camps. On 16th October, 6,345 got basic household assistance. A further 3,315 people await this distribution. All got some food distribution: grain, protein biscuits and oil.

Water is being tinkered from Digdiga (35 kms) daily.




Numbers displaced into Teeru few and unclear

Probably in the Fanteena area (woreda administration center) and are mostly unaccompanied men.

Not received assistance



Sheltering in a river bed in Garule

Not received assistance aside from some food items on as of 16th

All normally used foot/ animal tracks connecting the affected kebeles are cut off by the land crack. Displaced people are circum-navigating around the actual quake reaching Teeru administration up to 5 days later.

Unconfirmed reports state that a number of people have walked into Afdeera displaced from Mabay. This is geographically logical despite the tremendous distance.

4.                   Unmet emergency needs

 While some 860 quintals of grain have been provided, this and other food items are inadequate, according to the DPP &FSB. Likewise the amount of household items is not meeting all the need. Blankets, water containers, cooking pots and plastic sheeting are among items being distributed. 4,000 mosquito nets are about to be distributed. The government is requesting more items as well as medicines and shelter material.

The most drastic unmet need is that people are living in the open with minimal shade in the daytime and cold at night. APDA is therefore appealing for funds to purchase traditional – palm leaf woven mats so that people can quickly construct a ‘daboyta’, the Afar house they know and left behind. APDA will buy the mats from local suppliers in Zone 1 (around Doobi, Eli Daar Woreda) and transport them to Teeru. The costs for such a contribution are


Unit cost

Amount required

Total cost

Palm – leaf mats


1,571 HHs x 6


Transport costs










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